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Kale and Bean Stew on Root Vegetable Mash

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Kale and Bean Stew on Root Vegetable Mash

This really is about as whole foods plant based as you can get with little more than vegetables and a few simple allowable condiments! I based these recipes on dishes I found in a modern Irish cookbook by Rachel Allen. Her book is cooking with real ingredients but I had to modify significantly to cut out the (oh so adored in Ireland) meat, milk, butter and salt.

These dishes are super simple and don't require crazy ingredients (beyond the staples) and can be served within half an hour of chopping the first vegetable. The vegetables themselves are the star of this dish with only subtle enhancements from wine vinegars and garden herbs.

Kale and Bean Stew on Root Vegetable Mash

Ingredients - Root Vegetable Mash

2 carrots, sliced in 2cm chunks

1 medium sweet potato, scrubbed and cut into 2cm cubes

2 tablespoons of soy milk

1 tablespoon of salt-free veggie stock powder (see link for ingredients)

fresh parsley, chopped fine

1/2 teaspoon of ground black pepper

Method - Root Vegetable Mash

Bring a medium pot to the boil with about 750ml water. Add carrots and cook for five minutes. Add the sweet potato and cook for a further 15 minutes. (add a little more water if required) Get started on preparing the kale dish during cooking.

Drain cooking water (can set aside for use in the kale dish)

Add the soy milk, veggie stock powder, parsley and black pepper then mash it all with a potato masher. Can be left a little lumpy and rustic!

Ingredients - Kale and Bean Stew

1 carrot, chopped

2 celary stalks, chopped

1 red onion, peeled and diced

1 clove of garlic peeled, crushed and chopped

1 tablespoon of white wine vinegar

1 teaspoon of miso paste

1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

1 tin of butterbeans, drained and rinsed

1 tablespoon of veggie stock powder

400ml water

sprig of fresh rosemary (or teaspoon of dried)

1 tablespoons aged balsamic vinegar

150 grams of kale, washed, de-stemmed and shredded.

Method - Kale and Bean Stew

In a large pot add the carrots, celery, onion, garlic, pepper and miso paste with 1/2 cup of water. Boil with the lid on for 8 minutes. Add remaining ingredients except the kale and again boil with the lid on for 8 minutes. Add the kale, put the lid on and cook a further 4 or 5 minutes. Once the kale as wilted mix it in the stew and put the lid back on.

Remove from the heat and serve with the root vegetable mash.

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