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But what about the Protein?

The Protein Myth and Plant-based Athletes...

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Protein in Sport

It has been common in sports over the last several decades to manipulate foods with the intension of making them better for sports nutrition. We see this perhaps most frequently with the body-builders obsession with protein. In the ’70’s serious body builders would reel off the number of steaks, chicken breasts and eggs they would pack in a day to up their protein intake. In the 80’s and beyond isolated protein powers became in vogue and still are to this day. Even vegan bodybuilders have been using proteins from soy isolates to artificially up their protein without adding other seemingly less desirable nutrients.

The irony of this is this that all this added isolated protein is actually adding unnecessary strain on the human body with our internal organs going into overdrive to excrete it right back out again. As an animal, the human body requires precisely what is found in any varied balance of whole plant foods. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds will nourish the body to perfection the way they have indeed throughout human evolution. We don’t even need to know what the ideal percentages of this nutrient, or that, is – as long as we eat enough calories overall from whole plant foods. Incidentally the ideal percentage of protein for human nutrition is 6-10%, as found in a typical meal based on whole plant foods.

By Rebecca Hughes

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