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    Our lifestyle coaching is about realigning your lifestyle to promote personal health and sustainable lifestyle habits. Sustainable as in kickstarting habits that will become a lifestyle and indeed this lifestyle will have minimum impact on the planet.


    Regular one-day workshops in :


    Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition

    Conscious Consumption


    Holistic Health

    Slow Living



  • Cooking Classes

    Hearty Vegan Comfort Food.

    A fun, hands-on class where we learn how to cook up hearty, healthy vegan comfort food great for the whole family sure to please everyone including non-vegans.

    This class is hosted by Rebecca, based on her experience cooking for her own family including fussy kids and a willing but not strictly vegan husband. Rebecca’s cooking philosophy is always to ensure meals are optimally healthy, affordable and tasty.

    Rebecca endeavours to source food that is organic, local and zero-waste. Classes will include relaxed discussion about optimal human nutrition, zero waste shopping, feeding ultra-fussy kids and anything else you care to discuss.

    We will, of course, end the session sitting down to share all the dishes created, a great chance to continue discussions and ask questions. Participants will leave with a booklet of all recipes, notes on optimal vegan nutrition as well as resources for further learning.

    Examples of the yummy food you will learn to make vegan: Macaroni Cheese Bake, Shepherds Pie, Mushroom Stroganoff and much more!

    10 - 2.30pm TBA

    Location: Port Melbourne



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    Chocolate Sweets and Treats.

    Hosted by Laneway Learning

    What’s it all about?

    Leave this class with a beautifully decorated jar filled with ‘Rocky Road’ style chocolate sweets. Old fashioned chocolate fudge will also be demonstrated and shared for tasting during class time.


    What will we cover?

    The filled gift jar is a hands-on activity including making the sweets and decorating the jar. The finished product (easily replicated at home) makes the perfect gift for party hosts, Christmas/Easter gifts etc. The result is vegan, waste-free and rather cute!

    The second recipe, fudge, will be demonstrated as the Rocky Road sets. All participants will get to sample the fudge if they choose. All materials provided and recipes will be handed out to take away. Both recipes are gluten-free.

    Wednesday 22nd August

    8:00pm - 9:15pm

    Location: Laneway Learning Central CBD


    Sunday, 23rd September

    1:00pm to 2:15pm

    Location: Searz Caffi, Newport



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    Bliss Balls -

    Three Ways

    Hosted by Laneway Learning

    What’s it all about?
    This is a hands-on class learning a delicious base recipe for Bliss Balls with three flavour variants. These balls make for a great waste-free, natural energy hit for work and sport and also make great gifts.


    What will we cover?
    The base recipe for these Bliss Balls is truly delicious and can be pimped up in limitless ways. During this class we will make peanut butter, choco-mint and cranberry-coconut variations.
    Recipes are all vegan, gluten-free and zero-waste but will contain nuts (peanuts and cashew nuts).



    Monday, September 3rd

    6:15pm to 7:30pm

    Laneway Learning Central, CBD



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    Vegan: But I Couldn't Live Without...

    Hosted by Laneway Learning

    What’s it all about?
    This is a vegan cooking class for those who have said “Vegan? But I could never live without…” Yes, I’m talking about cheese! (And chocolate)


    What will we cover?
    This cooking class will cover three important vegan replacements: Creamy delicious ‘cheese’ sauce (perfect for topping pasta, nachos or pizza etc), a rich decadent chocolate pudding (the perfect finale to any dinner party),and an aged tangy nut-cheese which participants will take home to age for a day or two before enjoying on crackers or in sandwiches.

    Sunday 23rd September

    11.00am - 12.15pm

    Location: Searz Caffi, Newport



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  • Reading List

    Transform your thinking through education...

    In Defence of Food

    by Michael Pollan

    This is the book that cemented my fascination with food, and how it ties in with culture and health and society.

    How Not to Die

    by Dr Michael Gregor

    Dr Gregor wrote this book, based on a career studying how diet effects nutrition. He outlines how we can avoid the to 12 killers (in the developed world) and again he advocates a whole food plant based diet.

    The Art of Frugal Hedonism

    by Annie Raser-Rowland & Adam Grubb

    As it says on the cover, this invigorating book is 'a guide to spending less while enjoying everything more'. Although packed with money saving tips - really this book is about really living your life - not just going through the motions.

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