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    Live Well, Feel Well lifestyle coaching is about realigning your lifestyle to promote personal health and sustainable lifestyle habits. Sustainable as in kickstarting habits that will become a lifestyle and indeed this lifestyle will have minimum impact on the planet.


    Lifestyle choices will affect your physical and mental wellbeing. Our personalised assessments will gauge where you are at now, and where you would like to be in 6 months.


    Sessions are adjusted to suit your needs. Perhaps a single consultation is all you need to get back on track or perhaps you know you need ongoing support and education.


    Live Well Feel Well coaching includes implementing healthy food based on a whole-food nutrition plan and exercise/lifestyle habits with absolutely no calorie counting or 'diets' to adhere to. Coaching is based on Whole Food Plant Based nutrition. Whole food plant based nutrition is about abundance, not restrictions.


    The focus will be always be on wholesome nutrition. I won't just tell you what to do I will also educate you as to why, always backed up with simple, proven science.


    Being healthy is simply about keeping a healthy lifestyle. Sometime we just need to be reminded how and why. I am here to help you on your way.

  • Sample Food Plan

    What does it mean to eat Whole Food Plant based?

    Sample Whole Food Plant Based Menu:

    Does it scare you to consider revolutionising the way you eat? Whole Food Plant Based nutrition is about treating every meal as an opportunity to nourish yourself, fight disease and maintain a healthy weight. This is not about missing out, but about taking control and living consciously. I hope this sample one day of eating helps clarify just how simple, affordable and appealing eating Whole Food Plant Based will be.



    Porridge (oatmeal) from traditional rolled oats topped with sliced banana, fresh or frozen blueberries and ground cinnamon.


    Brown rice salad with chickpeas, spinach leaves, spring onion, parsley and cherry tomatoes.


    Green smoothie with soy milk, spinach leaves, banana and fresh or frozen mango.


    Baked sweet potato loaded with black beans, steamed kale, spicy tomato salsa and guacamole.

  • Articles

    An Introduction to Healthy Eating

    Back to Basics

    We all know that the right nutrition will keep us and our kids, even our parents, full of energy and free from lifestyle induced diseases..


    Big Flavour in Plant Based Meals

    Flavour, naturally.

    Whole Food Plant Based avoids added sugar salt and oil. But don't panic - the alternatives are many and delicious!


    Nutrition and Cancer

    Eating for Helath

    The C word has affected nearly all of us... can we eat to protect ourselves from cancer?


  • The Workshop

    One Day Optimal Nutrition Workshop

    One Day Introduction to Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition

    Melbourne, Australia.

    This one day workshop is a day of learning and workshopping covering optimal human nutrition, disease prevention, foods to eat, foods to avoid, meal ideas and meal planning for yourself and your family.


    We will cover:


    - What is a Whole Food Plant Based Diet?

    - Foods to Avoid

    - Disease Prevention

    - Meal Ideas

    - Cooking Tips

    - But What about... Discussing the myths

    - Feeding Kids

    - Feeding Men

    - Resources for Further Learning


    The day includes morning tea and lunch, meditation sessions, and plenty of time for discussion. Attendees receive copies of notes to take home and re-read and apply at home.


    You will leave this work shop armed and ready to start applying the principles of whole food plant based nutrition to you life and with ideas for continuing your education independently.


    Attendees encouraged to stay in touch to support each other after the workshop to help each other in applying their new knowledge.


    Courses run between 9.30 and 4.30 on a Saturday. Please contact to register your interest in an upcoming course. Cost for this one day workshop is $129.00

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  • Reading List

    Transform your thinking through education...

    In Defence of Food

    by Michael Pollan

    This is the book that cemented my fascination with food, and how it ties in with culture and health and society.

    The China Study

    by T. Colin Cambell

    Raised on a cattle farm T. Colin Campbell was a firm believer in animal proteins. He dedicated his life to studying nutrition - only to turn full circle. Based on his research results, he now recommends and follows an entirely whole food plant based diet for optimum human health.

    How Not to Die

    by Dr Michael Gregor

    Dr Gregor wrote this book, based on a career studying how diet effects nutrition. He outlines how we can avoid the to 12 killers (in the developed world) and again he advocates a whole food plant based diet.

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    Cornell University

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